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Become a Certified Customer Service Organisation

Assessment Framework

CSIA uses the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS) as the assessment framework for organisations undertaking certification. ICSS provides both a recognisable benchmark and a ‘how-to’ approach to implementation of best practice customer service management.


ICSS enables an organisation to understand how well their strategy, structure, systems, people and processes are contributing to customer success and overall organisation performance. The Standard applies equally across all industries including government and not-for-profit.


ICSS helps shift the organisation focus from Product or Service OUT to Customer IN by creating an environment where:


  • Customer input is largely responsible for determining the product or service output

  • Employee engagement is promoted as a driver of customer success

  • Organisational success (performance / profit) is improved through customer focus.

The International Customer  Service Standard

ICSS recognises that service excellence is an outcome, and one that relies heavily on people. The current Standard (ICSS: 2020-2025) comprises 24 elements which are grouped under four key perspectives. Each element contributes to overall organisational measurement.

Learning and growth perspective


How do you create a culture of customer service and what do you put into it?


Operational perspective


How do you ensure consistency in the delivery of customer service?





How do you deliver a high quality of customer service in your organisation?





How does customer service impact business performance

Performance Measurement

The ICSS assessment process measures each of the 24 attributes with a 0-10 scale across three key metrics:


Evidence exists to show that these attributes are to be addressed in the current, or in the next business planning phase


Evidence exists to show that the attribute has been address and success measured


Evidence exists to show that the attribute is part of the culture, and measurement data is being used to enhance service delivery

Assessment Process

1. Self Assessment

  • The organisation completes an ICSS Self Assessment Workbook. This includes providing commentary and compiling an evidence library for all 24 ICSS elements.

2. Certification Assessment

  • CSIA conducts a certification assessment. This includes interviews with department leads, key stakeholders and service team delegates, with the organisation’s self assessment workbook and evidence library are central to the assessment.

3. Certification Report and Measurement

  • CSIA completes an analysis and prepares an ICSS Report for the organisation and completes ICSS measurement and scoring.

4. Report & Recognition

  • CSIA provides the organisation with a comprehensive ICSS Certification Report which outlines performance for each of the ICSS attributes, including in-depth analysis of strengths, risks and opportunities for continuous improvement.

  • The report includes ICSS scoring for each attribute and the organisation's formal ICSS Performance Score 

  • The organisation is certified to the International Customer Service Standard, and receives the Certified Customer Service Organisation status, certificate and Trustmark.

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CSIA is a founding member of the International Council of Customer Service Organisations (ICCSO) who lead the development and periodic review of the International Customer Service Standard. CSIA is exclusively accredited by ICCSO to certify organisations to ICSS in Australia and New Zealand.

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