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  • Certified Training Programs
  • Customisation for every organisation
  • Flexible Delivery Options

We are experts in customer service training: we understand its importance in organisations, and how to deliver it well, with a suite of standard programs and ones tailored to your customer service strategy.

And with three modes of delivery CSIA offers any organisation the capability to prepare your people for service excellence.

Certified Training Programs

Certified Customer Service Excellence Trustmark

The CCSE program focuses on essential skills and techniques that makes customer service better. This is about helping your teams build cognitive and empathy skills – and learning to focus on the unique needs of customers. 

Everybody gets complaints. It’s how you handle them that sets you apart from the competition. Our CCHE program is all about understanding why complaints are so valuable, how they should be handled, and what skills are needed turn angry customers into your best friends!

Creating great customer experiences is everybody’s responsibility. Our CCEE program equips participants to understand their organisation’s customer experience strategy, how it applies to their role, and, through a customer lens, what they can do to contribute to great customer experiences.

Our CCSL program is about equipping leaders with a true customer service mindset and how to apply and contribute to service and experience strategy; including leading customer centric change; and the tools to motivate, coach, and reward their team members

The CSSE program equips participants with key skills for sales in the context of providing an exceptional customer experience by empowering both a sales and service mindset. The program focuses on key techniques to build rapport, handle objections and ‘ask for the business’.

The CBRM program is designed to support people in account management roles to improve service levels, customer success, retention and account growth. The program focuses on understanding strategy and customer value along with the key skills to support, empower and grow accounts.

Our customised approach

Our courses embrace a philosophy of ‘passion and process’ – an organisation needs to both instil a genuine enthusiasm for customer service within its team, and build a framework that ensures its consistent delivery. Our training programs are designed with this in mind, providing both inspiration and encouragement, but also a toolbox of practical skills and approaches to delivering reliable outcomes.


Our portfolio of programs includes structured courses that are aimed at frontline teams and managers, with both generalist and ones designed for specific industries or business processes. Or if you’re looking for something a bit different to our standard programs, we can work with you to design a program that suits your specific needs. A tailored program can be built as a traditional training session, or as a more consultative workshop. These can be designed to run as a one-hour motivational talk, a full-day workshop, or even a series of workshops delivered over a period of time.


Every organisation is different – call us today on 1300 912 700 to find out what training program is right for you or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you.

Flexible delivery options

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Face to Face

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Virtual Classroom

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Run your own Service Excellence Academy

A CSIA Service Excellence Academy enables any organisation to deliver Certified CSIA training programs using your own team of CSIA Certified Trainers or by  having your own suite of customised Certified online training programs hosted privately on CSIA's online training portal.

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