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  • Wednesday  27 April, 2022

  • 930am - 430pm​

  • $440 (CSIA Members)

  • $550 (Non Members)

Certified Customer Service Excellence (CCSE) Program

 The CCSE program focuses on the essential skills and techniques that make customer service better. CSIA helps you build cognitive and effective empathy skills and techniques required to provide exceptional customer service and support. 

Key Topics

  • Defining Customer Service

  • The Ingredients of Quality Service

  • Who Are Your Customers?

  • Moments of Truth

  • •he Importance of Communication

  • Understanding Behavioural Styles

  • Dealing with Challenging Customers

  • Standards & Doing Your Part​

Learning Outcomes


After completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:


  • Understand the importance of creating great customer experiences and what that means for you and your business.

  • Understand that different customers have different expectations, and have tools and techniques to engage customers with professionalism and confidence.

  • Understand how to deal with challenging customers, and feel confident that you can handle these situations in a structured and thoughtful way.

  • Understand how you can inspire and motivate your colleagues toward the consistent delivery of great customer service.

  • Have made a personal commitment to putting the customer at the heart of all you do.


Who is this program for?


 This program is right for you if you’re in an internal or external customer-facing role or are responsible for others who regularly interact with customers.

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