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  • 07 June 2023

  • 9.30am - 4.30pm​

  • $440 (CSIA Members)

  • $550 (Non Members)

Certified Business Relationship Manager Program

Manage Customer Success


Our Certified Business Relationship Management (CBRM) program is designed to support people in account management roles to improve service levels, customer success, retention and account growth. The program focuses on understanding strategy and customer value along with the key skills to support, empower and grow accounts. 

Key Learning Outcomes 


  • Why should I care about customer success? 

  • The importance of customer centricity and customer 

  • Service in the role of an account manager. 

  • Why communication is important and how to apply effective communication skills in customer interactions. 

  • What are barriers to building trust and effective business relationships (and how these can be overcome). 

  • How to use effective (sales) questioning techniques to create a compelling value proposition. 

  • What makes an effective presentation and how to deliver a compelling presentation 

  • What are customer objections and how to effectively handle these using practical skills 

  • How to use the conflict resolution model to effectively deal with conflict. 

  • How to become proactive and efficient through effective time management. 

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