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Pipeline of Excellence

30 Apr 2024

Interview with Kylie Oakenfull from Iplex Australia about how ICSS certification supports their industry leadership.

Iplex is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of locally produced, sustainable pipeline systems and water solutions for various sectors such as water authorities, agriculture, residential, urban subdivision, civil, and mining infrastructure. Here Kylie Oakenfull, Iplex Australia’s National Customer Service Manager, talks about the company’s recent ICSS certification, what makes them an industry leader and what they took away from the certification experience

Iplex prides itself on working and collaborating with customers and the industry to provide safe, secure and innovative water solutions. Outline some of the core ways it achieves this.


In 2020 we introduced a refreshed corporate vision that encompasses six strategic priorities: Your Chosen Partner; Supply and Service Excellence; Digital and Design Tools; Sustainability at the Core; Profitable Growth, and Future Focused Innovation. To fulfil our commitment, we operate as a national business with 11 locations serving our customers and these priorities, and the nationwide network, play integral roles in ensuring Iplex’s dedication to safety, security and innovative water solutions.


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about customer service through your current role as Customer Experience Manager at Iplex?


I’ve embraced the significance of proactive problem-solving. Anticipating customer needs and addressing potential issues before they arise enhances satisfaction and loyalty. I’ve learned that clear and transparent communication is essential, ensuring customers feel informed and valued. Empowering frontline staff with the tools and autonomy to resolve issues promptly has proven instrumental, and flexibility and adaptability in response to evolving customer expectations are crucial for sustained success. Exceptional customer service is not just reactive; it requires foresight, communication, and a proactive commitment to exceeding expectations.


What do you believe are the keys to providing excellent customer service?


A ‘one size fits all’ approach is not going to guarantee the perfect CX; rather, excellence in customer service lies in providing a combination of listening, empathy, communication, anticipation, empowerment and consistency. All of which is grounded in having an unwavering commitment to always putting the customer first.

Why did Iplex seek its first ICSS accreditation through CSIA?


Since 2018, Iplex has been committed to elevating the customer experience, aiming for excellence. While great progress has been made, we’re committed to delivering outstanding CX, aligned with industry best practice. We acknowledged the need to seek an independent and thorough evaluation of our CX practices, and by looking externally, we wanted to gain an unbiased assessment that not only validated our achievements but also identified areas for improvement and enhancement.


How did you find the process of completing the ICSS certification through CSIA and do you believe the findings benefit your business?


The process was fantastic. The findings provided will significantly benefit our business, offering valuable insights into areas of improvement and aligning our practices with industry standards for enhanced customer satisfaction and operational excellence.


How valuable is knowing which areas of the company are core strengths and which to focus on for future improvement?


Iplex has improved many of its services and processes to enable great customer experiences and over time, it can create the illusion that you’ve potentially done enough, or businesses can plateau.

But we are committed to continuous improvement and excellence in CX and the accreditation provided us with clear, targeted and actionable improvement opportunities going forward.


How important to the Iplex journey is looking at other companies in the same industry and identifying what best practice for customer’s experience looks like?


Iplex actively engages in collaborative partnerships with industry groups and associations to proactively stay informed about emerging trends and issues that impact the industry and customer. This approach ensures that Iplex remains ahead of regulatory changes and market dynamics. This involvement provides us with a unique perspective on the industry landscape and helps shape strategies to align with international standards and advancements.


The Iplex team consists of approximately 540 state-based operational and management staff including a dedicated customer service and support team. How important is ongoing training, as well as recognition, to ensure employees are happy, highly-skilled and operating at their full capacity?

Ongoing training sharpens skills and keeps employees abreast of industry trends, enhancing their adaptability. Recognising achievements not only boosts morale but also fosters a positive workplace culture, motivating employees to deliver their best, creating a positive ripple effect on customer satisfaction, loyalty and overall business success.


Do you believe the ICSS certification reiterates and supports Iplex’s commitment to the delivery of exceptional service to customers?

ICSS certification serves as a powerful testament to and reinforcement of Iplex’s commitment to delivering exceptional service to our customers. It not only validates our dedication but also provides an external acknowledgment of our commitment to prioritising customer needs, wants, and expectations. It demonstrates our continuous pursuit of excellence, ensuring that our service standards align with industry best practices, ultimately exceeding customer satisfaction and fostering lasting relationships.


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