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Highlights from the 2023 CX Showcase

31 May 2023

Todd Gorsuch, CEO, Customer Science Group shares his highlights from presentations at the 2023 CX Showcase.

OPTUS: "How Optus reinvents amazing customer care with Community of Experts."

Claire Smith

Director of Capability and Enablement


Optus is disrupting the traditional contact centre operating model of using an IVR to save costs, followed by technical experts answering the appropriate call types. This model often fails, resulting in high transfer rates, reduced customer ownership, and low employee engagement. Optus prioritised the customer in their operational model design, routing customers based on their needs rather than business functions, from a geographic or community standpoint. Customers are attended to by a single team who understands the area and its residents, possesses the skills to address all inquiries, and is empowered to function as a small business. The outcomes are impressive, with an increase of over 60 points in NPS, transfers reduced by over 98%, and motivated teams.


WOOLWORTHS: "How Voice of Team (VOT) can influence the Voice of Customer (VOC)"

Neil Polles

Head of Customer Hub Experience


Woolworths shattered the conventional belief of escalating costs to enhance customer satisfaction. By saving over $40m and reversing the psychology – delivering exceptional service and saving costs – they cleverly utilised their existing technology investments to address business challenges. As their employees and customers digitised their experiences, Woolworths introduced gamification, service automation bots, and digital journeys for customers. Our service technology reviews in Australia find that less than 20% of service technology features are used and even fewer enable a customer journey, offering an excellent opportunity to launch transformational service and cost savings simultaneously.

JAYBRO:"How team engagement transformed our customer service experience from order takers to order makers!!!"

Michael Liebmann

Group Sales Manager


Jaybro has upended the idea that only management leads, creating a structured way to empower staff to guide the business. They provided financial competency training, complete transparency of the business financials, and linked performance, customer experience, and individual roles to the business outcomes. This approach allowed each person to understand the importance and impact of their role and actions. Through a system of "mini-games," they enabled staff to make decisions, plan, and execute the plans with recognition and rewards, all designed by the staff. Expanding handling times and enabling solution sales resulted in increased revenues in the millions, higher client satisfaction, and employees expressing confidence and a desire to learn. This earned them external recognition as the #4th best place to work in Australia.

TRANSDEV SYDNEY FERRIES: “Ambition leads the vision; collaboration makes it possible.”

Joana Feiteira

General Manager Customer Experience & Communications

Transdev Sydney Ferries

Ray Windle

Head of Daily Operations

Transdev Sydney  Ferries

Transdev Sydney Ferries deviated from the traditional route of extensive surveys for pattern detection. Instead, they prioritised understanding their most sensitive customer groups and consequently modified their services. They implemented practical solutions like stable and visible onboarding walkways, messaging boards, and precision in language and communications. Catering to sensitive communities has turned customer complaints into appreciations, achieved 98% satisfaction levels, and resulted in the highest satisfaction levels across NSW transport.

MATE "Managing chaos effectively to bring success"

Mark Fazio*



Mate (Let's Be Mates), constructed their services with a marketing focus, deviating from the traditional KPI, vision/mission, or best practice approach. They created a location akin to a friend's house – local, with a gym, and a kitchen oven for daily lunch gatherings. They built Mate's processes from the ground up, reducing effort and ensuring customers were well cared for. They employed people who shared their philosophy, often recruiting local tradespeople looking for a career path beyond their trade. The services were meticulously designed to incorporate Mate's behaviours and culture, resulting in some of the highest customer satisfaction levels in their industry.

*Presentation by Todd Gorsuch, CEO, Customer Science Group

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