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2020 Customer Service Executive of the Year

31 Mar 2021

2020 ASEA Executive of the Year Lisa Dowie shares her thoughts on her role as the Chief Customer Officer of Property Exchange Australia (PEXA)

2020 ASEA Executive of the Year Lisa Dowie shares her thoughts on her role as the Chief Customer Officer of Property Exchange Australia (PEXA), why she is so passionate about the purpose-led organisation, and why she believes employees and customers should be at the centre of any business strategy.


Tell us about your role as CCO of PEXA

A large part of my role is about ensuring the customer’s perspective is at the heart of everything that we do. This starts with our culture and extends to ensuring our customers are leading our strategy, informing how we prioritise and invest, and are part of absolutely every decision we make. I get to spend a lot of time with people – talking to customers, networking with the CX community, engaging with other leaders and my team who interacts with our customers each and every day.


What does being named ASEA’s Executive of the Year mean to you -- personally and professionally?

It’s a wonderful endorsement of our team’s passion, their dedication to our customers and their relentless pursuit to make the PEXA experience exceptional. One of the greatest testaments to this is that the team (the Member Operations function) was named Champions for the Customer Service Organisation of the Year (medium business) and our Head of Member Operations Ryan de Rosayro clinched Customer Service Manager of the Year as well.

Personally, it validates that I have found an area where I can thrive and excel.


What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in your career journey to date?

Say yes to opportunities, seek them out or ask for them. Then remember to then pay it forward and provide opportunities to others.


Why is it so important to PEXA to put their customers at the heart of everything they do?

Our customers are an essential part of the value chain – the trusted advisors to home buyers and sellers. Without them, a property settlement would not be able to proceed. Customers are the competitive advantage all businesses need, and delivering an exceptional customer service experience ultimately boosts our bottom line.


What are the golden rules in delivering superior customer experience?

Great people and a great employee experience. I really do believe it starts with hiring the right people, enabling them with the right tools, continuing to develop and reward them, teaching them empathy, creating an environment where they can thrive, building social connections, and have fun!


What inspires you?

Game changers - people who will stop at nothing to make a positive difference to other people’s lives. 

Adventure and all things new – I really enjoy going to new places/countries, understanding different cultures, meeting new people, learning new things, trying new foods.

My mum – She showed me the essence of resilience time and time again, demonstrated how doing the ‘right thing’ will win out in the end and that you don’t have to be the loudest person to have the greatest impact.


Advice for others seeking to become CCOs?

Be obsessively customer centric, work closely with your front line teams, learn to collaborate, be really open to feedback, love people, have solid diplomacy skills and an innovative spirit.


Any final words?

Of course, thank-you to CSIA for running awards like this, it really does help teams in the frontline receive the recognition they so deserve. Also, a shout-out to the wider Customer Service community, I love how everyone is so happy to share best practices, war stories and is so supportive of one another. It’s a fabulous community to be a part of and I look forward to contributing further and sharing what we are doing here at PEXA.


About PEXA:

PEXA is an online exchange that keeps everyone in the picture as property settlement progresses. Conveyancers, lawyers, banks, land registries and state revenue offices all collaborate, increasing transparency for a better overall buyer/seller experience.


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