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Customer Service Manager of the Year This award recognises outstanding achievement in a customer service management role, and outstanding ability in managing, developing, training and motivating customer service staff. Positions include group managers, branch managers, or divisional managers. The CSM has a passion for service which is contagious in their team. 


The CSM regularly deals with customers directly and can routinely turn even “difficult” customers into advocates.


When dealing with their staff the CSM is a role model of excellence in service behaviours.

The CSM drives a “lean” organisation which demonstrates consistent productivity growth. 


The CSM is achieving internal financial KRAs.


Where appropriate, the team is meeting or exceeding its revenue targets.




The CSM is focussed on process improvement to enhance the customer experience. 


The CSM understands their customers “moments of truth” and has measures in place to track performance.


There is strong staff satisfaction and engagement in the team as demonstrated in formal measures as well as staff turnover and attendance.




The CSM has built a learning environment where staff are able to improve their knowledge and skills. 


Staff are encouraged to see mistakes as learning opportunities.


The CSM is constantly learning themselves and seeking to share this knowledge.


Customer Service Professional of the Year This award recognises high standards of customer service within an organisation through the applicant’s personal dealings with customers and by contributing to the overall customer service policy through their involvement in communications, problem solving and innovation. The Service Professional demonstrates all the behavioural standards set by the organisation. 


Customers enjoy dealing with the Service Professional and there are multiple examples of positive customer feedback.


When there is a crisis people look to this individual to save the day.


The Service Professional is typically overachieving on their internal KRAs. 


The Service professional is retaining and growing business for the organisation.


They look for better, cheaper, faster ways of doing things.



The Service Professional makes suggestions for operational improvements which will impact on the customer experience. 


They are able to accept difficult tasks and projects which would normally be seen as above their level in the organisation.


They are restless advocates of the customer, never satisfied unless the customer is happy and will bring other people along in virtual teams to achieve this.



The Service Professional is actively developing new skills. 


They are a mentor and source of knowledge to their peers and give this generously.


They are a constant source of brain storming with lots of ideas. They are not daunted by obstacles but find a way around them with fresh thinking.


Customer Service Executive of the Year This award recognises outstanding achievement in a strategic customer service leadership role, and outstanding ability in managing an organisations’ customer service operations. Positions include group customer service managers, chief customer officers and divisional heads. The Executive has a passion for service which is contagious in their team. 


The Executive has set clear behavioural standards for their team and measures their achievement.


The Executive is a customer advocate in the strategic decision making in the broader organisation to ensure that IT groups, product, marketing and finance etc. hear the voice of the customer.

The Executive will fight to gain sufficient resources from the organisation to deliver service excellence. 


The Executive is meeting internals financial KRAs.


The executive drives the organisations financial success by creating an environment focussed on customer retention.

The executive has built and empowered organisation where decisions can be made at the appropriate level. 


The Executive has built an efficient organisation which eliminates waste and bottlenecks to improve the customer experience.


The Executive has built and effective organisation which focuses effort on the right things and sets the right customer priorities.

The Executive is restless for new ideas and promotes discussion and fresh thinking. 


The Executive takes the broad values of the organisation and turns them into demonstrable behaviours.


The Executive builds a great team of managers around them and gives them growth opportunities to ensure there are Executive leaders for the future.

Customer Service CEO of the Year This award recognises an Australian CEO whose professionalism and commitment to Customer Service resonates throughout their organisation making them an ideal role model for the customer service profession. The CEO has placed customers at the centre of 

the organisation’s strategic thinking.


During the tenure of the CEO there has been demonstrable improvement in in their organisation’s customer service.


The CEO has promoted the discussion of customer service excellence in a broad, public forum.



The CEO is driving exceptional financial results. 


The CEO ensures that there are sufficient resources to allow customer service excellence.


The CEO promotes service excellence as important to the company’s financial performance.

The CEO has built information systems which allow them to hear the “voice of the customer” and respond. 


The CEO has an organisational structure where customer service is a clear “C level” accountability.


The CEO has promoted clear organisational values which are consistent with service excellence.

The CEO is active in learning about customer service from suppliers, competitors, peers and broader industry. 


The CEO has set processes in place to ensure that all staff have individual development plans.


The CEO is active in communicating with staff and is a role model of service behaviours that staff can seek to emulate.


Contact Centre Manager This award recognises outstanding achievement in the key customer service aspect of Contact Centre Manager. The Contact Centre Manager drives an environment where passion and precision process combine.  Their leadership is at once disciplined and scientific whilst being inclusive and personal. The Contact Centre Manager “walks the talk” by treating their staff with respect and by seeking their engagement. They are great role models of excellence in service behaviours. 


The Contact Centre Manager has a vision of service excellence and can share this vision and bring the wider team along on the service journey.


When required and often as a result of escalation, they deal with customers directly and can routinely and do so with confidence, good humour and professionalism.



The Contact Centre Manager is operating within staffing and financial budgets and is achieving internal financial KRAs. 


They have been conspicuous in doing more with less and in juggling competing priorities as well as delivering consistent productivity growth.



Where appropriate, the team is meeting or exceeding its revenue targets

The Contact Centre Manager leads an environment which is operationally disciplined, guided by visual management and well understood metrics. 


They drive ongoing process improvement to enhance the customer experience.


The Contact Centre Manager is well respected by staff, peers and stakeholders and there is strong staff satisfaction and engagement in the team as demonstrated in formal measures as well as staff turnover and attendance.


The Contact Centre Manager has clearly defined the skills and knowledge required in the team and ensures that processes are in place to make sure that staff gain the competencies required. 


The Contact Centre Manager ensures that staff have well documented development plans to both improve their career prospects and develop useful knowledge and skills.


Staff are encouraged to ”play”, to take risks, try new things and learn by experience.

Customer Service Leader of the Year The Customer Service Leader is the backbone of the company. They are in the trenches dealing with staff and customer issues. Often called a Team Leader or Team Manager they are a vital leadership level. It is them who turn plans and visions into reality. The Customer Service leader clearly understands the organisations service vision and they are able to communicate this effectively to their team. 


The Customer Service Leader is a service “natural” and is a great role model for their team.


The Customer Service leader leads from the front and deals beautifully with customers. They are happy to take on the tough situations and show how things should be done.

The Customer Service Leader makes the most of the resources they have and is great at marshalling limited resources. 


The Customer Service Leader has a great track record of achieving internal measures and financial KRAs.


Where appropriate, the team is meeting or exceeding its sales or revenue targets.


The Customer Service Leader is pretty obsessed with operational performance and has their finger on all the performance stats, staff performance and the everyday detail that builds operational excellence 


They look for better ways of doing things and often drive changes in how things are done.


The Customer Service Leader is well respected by staff, peers and management.


The Customer Service Leader ensures that staff have the skills they need to do the job. They know who needs help and who is in need of some instruction. They cover the hygiene factors and are good at greeting help for their team.. 


The Customer Service Leader ensures the quality of staff development plans and makes sure that they are delivered.


Their team are encouraged to enjoy their work and have fun, to take risks, try new things and learn by experience.

Customer Service Advocate of the Year The Customer Service Advocate is the voice of the customer within the organisation. They are never satisfied with mediocrity and strive for excellence and to delight customers at every turn. They have great energy and never give up. The behaviours of the Customer Service Advocate are a perfect example of the organisations service values. 


Customers are loud in the praise of this person and will provide written or verbal testimonials to their great work.


They may have performed some heroic actions which turned around a disaster. Maybe the way they work stops disasters before they happen.

The Customer Service Advocate meets their targets and often the best performed in the team. The Customer Service Advocate tries to change the way the organisation does things to try and meet the customer’s requirements. 


They often take on situational leadership to draw together “virtual teams” to effect change or get things done.


They understand the organisation’s big picture goals and are well reasoned and professional in their judgements.

They Advocate learns what the customer wants and helps to share this knowledge in the organisation. 


They go out of their way to learn new things and develop themselves. Often they have a clear set of personal goals and can link these directly to the organisation’s objectives.


They are always please to share their knowledge with their peers and are generous with their time.

Customer Service Team of the Year This is a terrific customer service team. Not so much a team of individual champions as they are greater than the sum of their parts. They have done things that people thought were impossible. This achievement needs celebrating! These people have made a real impact on the customer experience in a demonstrable way. Customers say terrific things about them. 


They are great role models and their behaviours are completely in synch with the organisation’s service values.


The team have exceeded the customer’s expectations and probably done things that many in the organisation thought were impossible.


The team make great use of the resources at their disposal and have been able to beg, steal or borrow what they needed to impress the customers. These people work as a team, utilising all their combined strengths. Others would like to be in the team. 


They deliver operational excellence and are conspicuously good at what they do.


They think of new and different ways to solve problems. They are creative, innovative and persistent.

The team share knowledge excellently and are able to build a common understanding of what they are trying to do and how it should be done. 


The team are terrific at finding out how things work. They have some deep subject matter excellence and corporate knowledge.









Customer Service Project of the Year This award recognises an outstanding project which has delivered a substantial and complex scope of works which was on time and budget and with a lasting impact on the customer relationship. The project will have been marked by the execution of an excellent stakeholder communications plan. 


The satisfaction of the customer was tracked and demonstrably exceeded their expectations.


At the end of the project there was some form of recognition or joint celebration to mark the successful conclusion of the project.


The costs of the project were tightly tracked and reported. 


The costs were accurately forecast and did not exceed budget.


The project has led to increased profitability for both the customer and the supplier.

There was a defined project methodology in place and this was delivered by trained and qualified project professionals. 


The customer’s requirements were very well understood and were in line with the contract, where appropriate. The scope of the project was well defined and understood by all parties at the beginning resulting in minimal scope changes in flight.


The reporting of progress on the project was well documented in a pre-defined process and was distributed regularly to all

There was a post implementation review to assess the successes and learning from the project and what could be done better next time. 


The project gave individuals the opportunity to grow in their professional development and some may have used this in their academic progress.